Scalp Rejuvenation

It is one of the most recent techniques in hair rejuvenation. It effectively provides your hair with
remarkable health, which translates into a greater density of very nourished hair, which will look full
of shine and movement. If you want to leave dull and lifeless hair behind, Scalp
rejuvenation technique will give you all the benefits your hair needs.
This treatment consists of administering a series of microinjections, with the selected active
ingredients, in the superficial layer of the scalp in those areas that need it. In this way, your hair cells
are biologically activated, increasing the thickness and growth of your hair.
The selected components will be responsible for nourishing the scalp and will increase the thickness
and growth of your hair. All this contributes to giving us that renewed and youthful appearance of
hair that is nourished and full of life and helps prevent hair loss. In addition, it has very positive
effects on your hair, among which they can highlight:
 Prevention of hair loss.
 Optimal nutrition of your scalp.
 Promotes hair regeneration. 
 It stimulates hair growth very effectively.
Before and after mesotherapy treatment for hair rejuvenation 
They will carry out a perfect diagnosis of your case to design the most appropriate treatment
according to your specific needs. This way, the different ingredients will be selected to achieve an
effective combination of active ingredients, providing your hair with everything it needs to look
young and full of life.
After the session, you may feel slight pain in the treated area, itching, inflammation and sometimes
a little headache. In any case, their team of professionals will provide you with medical guidelines to
alleviate these possible effects, such as applying an anti-inflammatory cream after each treatment
session in the area.

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