Breast Reduction

Why Do You Need Breast Reduction?

This procedure is performed by our professional cosmetic surgeons under which excess fat, tissue, or skin is removed from the breasts to achieve a breast size which is proportionate to the rest of the body. Women who have bigger breasts often feel uncomfortable as they struggle to find the correct fitting bras, and suffer from nerve pain, poor self-image, chronic back, and shoulder pain. You can go for breast reduction surgery to bring back the lost confidence and also to participate in physical activities which are tricky to perform with large breasts.

What Is The Procedure For Breast Reduction?

We conduct breast reduction surgery under advanced surgical facilities. Firstly, general anesthesia is given to proceed with making incisions around the areola and down each breast. Then, the surgeon removes extra fat and skin through liposuction to reduce the size of each breast and reshapes them. A proper symmetry is maintained between both the breasts to avoid any variation in the size and shape. You might be advised to wear an elastic compression bra to protect the breasts.

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