Alopecia is a term used to refer to hair loss on the scalp or other parts of the body. Although it is not usually considered a serious disease, it can affect patients quality of life and well-being.

To combat hair loss and alopecia, topical treatments and oral or injected drugs can be used in addition to hair grafting. PRP treatment to prevent hair loss and the use of stem cells for alopecia stand out as two of the most innovative and advanced methods currently offering alternative solutions to the problem of baldness.

In any case, it should be a specialist who determines which treatments against alopecia and hair loss currently available are more effective in treating hair loss. To do this, the doctor must collect the patients medical history and perform an eye exam of the scalp and hair type. Also, in some cases, blood tests or biopsies will be needed to diagnose the causes of alopecia accurately.

Benefits of stem cells against alopecia

What is known about the benefits of stem cells for alopecia is based on research, as this is still an early-stage treatment. It allows us to affirm that this procedure does not harm the health of the patient or your hair since all the stages of the process (extraction, processing and treatment of stem cells) are fully guaranteed. Some of the benefits that can be listed are as follows:

  • While in a capillary graft, the result is conditioned by the number of follicular units, in the case of stem cells, this limitation is eliminated since there would be an unlimited source of these available to activate the hair follicles disabled by alopecia and get hair growth back.
  • As many sessions as necessary can also be carried out since the source of stem cells is inexhaustible.
  • It is a technique with hardly any side effects and without risk of rejection.
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