Gluteal Enhancement

Why Do You Need Gluteal Enhancement?

Also referred to as Buttock augmentation, this surgical procedure is carried out to enhance the shape and size of buttocks. Many patients vouch for our gluteal enhancement surgery techniques as we have the best team of doctors at their service. With the support of this procedure, many of our clients have improved their self-image and confidence. If you want to increase the fullness, roundness, and projection of your gluteal muscles which don’t seem possible to achieve through exercise, then consult our cosmetic surgeons and they will give you the most feasible solution to get away this concern.

What Is The Procedure For Gluteal Enhancement?

In buttock augmentation, fat grafting is done by transferring the fat from one area to the other tissues of the butts. Buttock implants are devices which are filled with silicone and are placed within the tissues of buttock so that it appears to be uplifted. The aim of this procedure us to add volume to gluteal muscles with the use of buttock implants, fat grafting, and auto-augmentation. Aging, overweight, and genetic problems might result in the sagging and loosening of buttocks. However, with Gluteal enhancement, you can improve the buttock contour. 

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