Why Do You Need An Anti-Dandruff Treatment? Dandruff is a scalp problem caused by flaking of skin tissues of the scalp, resulting in white flakes appearing all over the scalp and on the hair shafts. It is a common problem which affects each one of us at some point in our lives. It is so because flaking is a natural process of peeling of dead skin cells off the scalp. And although dandruff’s natural existence cannot be completely eliminated, high and chronic levels of dandruff need some attention, making anti-dandruff treatment of prime importance.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly? The Richfeel Recommended Anti-dandruff Treatment

  • The regular Capilloscopy examination is done to check the scalp & type of dandruff.
  • According to the assessment of severity of dandruff, the frequency of shampooing using specific ingredients is generally recommended. It is an integrated part of your routine anti-dandruff treatment then.
  • Depending on the type of dandruff’ cream applications are advised. It is most likely to be an overnight cream application in the routine.
  • Certain minerals are prescribed to strengthen hair which is deprived of nutrition due to dandruff. Hair nutrition is thus important for everyday anti-dandruff treatment.

Our Approach

Dandruff is a controllable disorder and not a disease to be cured. Patient education is most important in treating this problem.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Quickly At Home- Start By Noticing The Signs & Symptoms Of Dandruff

  • Itching of scalp
    It is one of the prime reasons why you need to know how to remove dandruff quickly. Itchy scalp is a condition which results in an irritated and oily skin. This exact condition is medically identified as seborrheic dermatitis and is equivalent to a severe dandruff form. It happens because of improper shampooing or not shampooing enough, which results in skin cells accumulation, further leading to the creation of flakes and terrible itching. Even personal care products or chemicals used on the scalp can lead to dermatitis. It also makes your scalp red, and even painful.
  • Flaking of scalp
    A flaking scalp means a lot of dandruff and it is then time to think about anti-dandruff treatment. The initial signs can be a simple dry scalp and it can get aggravated due to a form of eczema and psoriasis. These flakes are nothing but dead skin cells that appear rough and gradually fall off the scalp, especially when you scratch it. It can lead to a lot of discomfort and embarrassment making it important to personally focus on how to remove dandruff quickly.
  • Sudden outbreak of acne
    People with dandruff are likely to develop acne on the face and on the forehead. It is a direct result of the flaky scalp. People who have an oily skin should be extra careful and mindful.
  • Increased hair-fall with every stroke
    The white flakes deposits on scalp result in acute scratching eventually leading to hair fall. It is actually the vigorous scratching which leads to hair fall and ultimately hair loss. You scratch to relieve yourself of the itching, which in turn, leads to weakened hair roots and ultimately, hair loss. It is, therefore, important to follow anti-dandruff treatment in the routine.

Before You Think Of How To Remove Dandruff- Think Of The Common Risk Factors!

Poor hygiene
If you do not wash your hair frequently or don’t shampoo properly it can lead to more dandruff in the hair. Similarly, if you don’t maintain your hair like brushing it regularly, it can increase your chance of getting dandruff. Therefore, your anti-dandruff treatment should begin with hygiene first.
Working under arc lights
It is the exposure of your scalp to UV radiation which leads to an increase in dandruff under arc lights. Scalp and hair biology is altered by UV radiation due to exposure to electromagnetic wavelengths.
Using scarves or bandanas constantly
If you cover your head regularly and over longer periods of time, it will only lead to further perspiration of the scalp. If you are trying to hide your dandruff using scarves, then too, it will worsen the dandruff condition.
Exposure to bad weather conditions
Too much sun increases your scalp exposure to UV radiation and thus leads to dandruff. Similarly, cold weather conditions cause dry and itchy scalp inviting dandruff. You need to have a season-wise plan of how to get rid of dandruff.

Leaving hair oiled for days
Contrary to the popular perception, excessive hair oiling will result in more dandruff. This occurs as the yeast that causes dandruff will nest on the fatty acids present in the oil and the yeast feeds on them. It mostly happens with heavy oils like, coconut and olive oil. So your anti-dandruff treatment should involve oil but not excessive oiling of hair.
Frequent exposure to harsh chemicals
Harsh chemicals of shampoos or hair colouring products can also cause dandruff as they leave synthetic chemicals deposits on the scalp and weaken the skin tissue. To know how to remove dandruff using shampoos, it is best to consult a clinical specialist for the recommended use of organic products.
Exposure to hard water
Minerals present in hard water can result in a dull, dry and damaged hair condition, often leading to frequent hair tangling. It may also result in a build-up on the scalp, a perfect condition for dandruff to grow and rest.

Here Are Some of Our Satisfied Customers!
I was suffering from a recurring dandruff problem for many years. It was a persistent problem, and I tried various shampoos, oils, and other products to combat it. Nothing worked, and I was totally at loss. I read about Richfeel’s ad on the net which promised relief from dandruff. I discussed it with my parents. They encouraged me to go forward. I took it up as a last resort. But this time there was a wave of change in diagnosis and treatment techniques which pleasantly surprised me. In-depth analysis of my problem and scientific treatment was carried out, and today I am glad to say that the problem no longer exists. I owe a lot to you Richfeel.

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