Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss is a situation that worries a large number of people, especially men. Usually, you lose
between 50 and 100 hairs a day, which you are unaware of until you brush it or take a bath because
you fill the brush, your hands or the floor with hair. But sometimes the excessive drop is due to
external factors; some causes of thinning and hair loss can be: hormones – in the case of women,
due to pregnancy, sudden weight loss or menopause – stress, hair damaged by chemical dyes and
heat styling – dryer, iron–, ageing and androgenetic alopecia.
Stimulates growth
Minoxidil is a vasodilator treatment used to stop hair loss and stimulate growth. It is indicated for
cases of moderate androgenetic alopecia. The causes of excessive hair loss can be many: stress,
unhealthy habits, diet, etc. The cause of the fall, in 80-90% of cases in men, is genetic inheritance.
This Hair fall treatment is most effective in people under 40 years of age whose loss is recent. It is
important to mention that it has no effect on receding hairlines and does not cure baldness, but it
does slow down the process.
This treatment causes vasodilation of the capillaries, which favours blood flow in the hair follicle. The
extra blood causes new follicles to be born with more force. It is administered topically to the scalp
to stimulate hair growth. It is recommended to use for at least four months up to a year.

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